12 February 2017

VSS Dempo 4.3.2016

Born on March 4, 1916 Vasantrao entered the family business when he was quite young.  
With the Liberation of Goa, Vasantrao embarked on a diversification programme and expanded his industrial empire. For Vasantrao, business was no stranger. The Dempos had been in business even as early as 1600, when they owned a fleet of ‘pangayas’ country sailing craft, and ran a passenger-cum-cargo service from Goa to African and Arabian ports.
Vasantrao started his personal enterprise in 1941. He was barely out of school then. Despite his youth, he was immediately successful. Vasantrao looked towards twin ideals: expansion and diversification. In 1941, Vasantrao borrowed money and started business as a shipping agent. He was assisted by his younger brother Voicuntrao. In 1941 he set up his own VS Dempo & Co Pvt Ltd and began to import foreign goods like perfumes, chocolate and other confectionery acquired from England and Portugal. He had agencies to sell trucks and motor cars.
Vasantrao Dempo passed away on November 9, 2000.

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