28 September 2016

Dinesh Nandini Dalmia 11.10.2009

Dr. Dinesh Nandini Dalmia (1928–2007), also written as Dineshnandini Dalmia, was an Indian poet, short story writer and novelist of Hindi literature. She published poems, prose poems, short stories and novels and was known to have been vocal against gender discriminiation and purdah system. Shabnam , Niraash Aasha,Mujhe Maaf Kama and Yeh Bhi Jhooth Hai are some of her notable works. The Government of India awarded her the third highest civilian honour of the Padma Bhushan, in 2006, for her contributions to literature.  

27 September 2016

India Post Freighter 12.10.2009

In August 2007, Department of Posts introduced its first dedicated freighter aircraft for exclusive carriage of mail, parcel and logistics in the North East. Lack of a reliable mode of mail transmission in the difficult terrain of this region had always remained a major handicap for India Post in fulfilling its universal social obligations with respect to mail transmission and delivery. This path-breaking effort has not only resolved the chronic problem of transmission of mail, to and from the North East, but has also provided a robust cargo link to the region with rest of the country. The North East freighter, which operates on the Kolkata – Guwahati – Imphal – Agartala – Kolkata route on a regular basis, has in many ways become a lifeline for the entire region. It has given a major fillip to the economic and commercial activities in the region by providing a fast and reliable channel of transmission.

India Post has now put in place a nationwide hub and spoke system of air transmission of mail, parcel and logistics through induction of two or more dedicated freighter aircraft on the metro routes. The North-East freighter has been integrated into this national network, wherein three freighter aircraft operate overnight, converge at Nagpur for exchange of mail, and return to their respective base cities. Cities such as Delhi,Mumbai, Chennai, Kolkata and Bangalore in the metro sector, and Guwahati, Imphal and Agartala in the North East, are directly connected by this freighter network. This network is further complimented by a second tier air transmission as well as a road-cum-rail based transport system for inter-city carriage of mail across the vast expanse of the country. The three Boeing 737200 freighters operate on the following routes:
Mumbai – Nagpur – Mumbai.
Kolkata – Delhi – Nagpur – Delhi – Kolkata (The same aircraft operates on Kolkata – Guwahati –Imphal – Agartala – Kolkata route during the day time).
Bangalore – Chennai – Nagpur – Chennai – Bangalore.

India Post has chartered these aircraft from Air India. Each aircraft carries eight pallets (seven pallets of 125 inches x 88 inches and one pallet of 108 inches x 88 inches) and a payload of approximately 13 to 14 tonnes. Thus, approximately 40 tonnes of mail, parcel and logistics can be carried on the three aircraft at a time.

On 13th September 2009 the Hon’ble Minister for Communication & ITThiru A. Raja, formally launched the freighter aircraft at Chennai, after the trial run which began on 27th July 2009 was found successful.

Birth Centenary of R. K. Narayan 10.10.2009

R. K. Narayan (10 October 1906 – 13 May 2001), full name Rasipuram Krishnaswami Iyer Narayanaswami, was an Indian writer, best known for his works set in the fictional South Indian town of Malgudi. He was a leading author of early Indian literature in English, along with Mulk Raj Anand and Raja Rao.

Narayan's mentor and friend, Graham Greene was instrumental in getting publishers for Narayan’s first four books, including the semi-autobiographical trilogy of Swami and Friends, The Bachelor of Arts and The English Teacher. The fictional town of Malgudi, was first introduced in Swami and Friends. Narayan’s The Financial Expert, was hailed as one of the most original works of 1951, and Sahitya Akademi Award winner The Guide, was adapted for film and for Broadway.
Narayan highlights the social context and everyday life of his characters, and he has been compared to William Faulkner, who also created a similar fictional town, and likewise explored with humour and compassion the energy of ordinary life. Narayan's short stories have been compared with those of Guy de Maupassant, because of his ability to compress a narrative. However, he has also been criticised for the simplicity of his prose.
In a career that spanned over sixty years, Narayan received many awards and honours, including the AC Benson Medal from the Royal Society of Literature, the Padma Bhushan and the Padma Vibhushan, India's third and second highest civilian awards. He was also nominated to the Rajya Sabha, the upper house of India's parliament.

Bishop Cotton School, Shimla 6.10.2009

Bishop Cotton School, Shimla, (Himachal Pradesh, India) is one of the oldest boarding schools for boys in Asia, having been founded on 28 July 1859, by Bishop George Edward Lynch Cotton. Bishop Cotton also founded the Bishop Cotton Boys' School and Bishop Cotton Girls' School in Bangalore. The alumni of Bishop Cotton are known as Old Cottonians. The Bishop Cotton School, Shimla celebrated 150 years of existence in 2009.
The school has produced army officers, ambassadors, judges, defense and paramilitary officers, ministers and politicians.
Bishop Cotton School has been ranked among the best boys only residential schools of India by media such as The Times of India, Outlook and Education World magazine.

26 September 2016

International Day of Non-Violence - Mahatma Gandhi 2.10.2009

Rare Fauna of the North East India 1.10.2009

(1) Barbe’s Leaf Monkey.  Phayre's leaf monkey (Trachypithecus phayrei), also known as Phayre's langur, is a species of lutung found in Southeast Asia. The species epithet commemorates Arthur Purves Phayre. It is mostly arboreal and feeds on leaves of a large number of tree species.  
(2) Red Panda.  The red panda (Ailurus fulgens), also called the lesser panda, the red bear-cat, and the red cat-bear, is a mammal native to the eastern Himalayas and southwestern China. It has reddish-brown fur, a long, shaggy tail, and a waddling gait due to its shorter front legs, and is slightly larger than a domestic cat. It is arboreal, feeds mainly on bamboo, but also eats eggs, birds, and insects. It is a solitary animal, mainly active from dusk to dawn, and is largely sedentary during the day.
(3) Marbled Cat. The marbled cat (Pardofelis marmorata) is a small wild cat of South and Southeast Asia. Since 2002, it has been listed as Vulnerable by IUCN, as it occurs at low densities, and its total effective population size is suspected to be fewer than 10,000 mature individuals, with no single population numbering more than 1,000. The marbled cat was once considered to belong to the pantherine lineage of "big cats". Genetic analysis has shown it to be closely related to the Asian golden cat and the bay cat, all of which diverged from the other felids about 9.4 million years ago.

25 September 2016

Dushyant Kumar Tyagi 27.9.2009

Dushyant Kumar Tyagi (1 September 1933 – 30 December 1975) was a poet of modern Hindi literature. He is known as the first Hindi Ghazal writer of India. In India, he is generally recognised as one of the foremost Hindustani poets of the 20th century. He was also a dramatist and litterateur.