11 February 2017

International Fleet Review 2016, Vizag 6.2.2016

The only previous International Fleet Review in India was conducted in February 2001, off Mumbai. This earned the country widespread appreciation and goodwill. On 06th February 2016, the President of India, is scheduled to review the fleet of participating Indian and foreign warships off Vishakhapatnam. The International Fleet Review 2016 logo depicts the 3 operating dimensions of the Navy, with a ship, submarine and an aircraft, and also letters I-F-R form an integral part of the logo. The Dolphin has been chosen as the mascot, depicting friendship across oceans, and the theme is ‘United through Oceans’.
Normally called the ‘International Fleet Review’ (IFR), this event then provides the host nation an occasion to display its own naval prowess, and the bridges of friendship and trust it has built with other maritime nations. Owing to the many military-diplomatic benefits it accrues to the nation, the Indian Navy is conducting an International Fleet Review 2016, at Vishakhapatnam.

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