12 February 2017

UN Women Solidarity Movement for Gender Equality 8.3.2016

UNPA jointly with India post issued special stamps promoting UN Gender equality Campaign HeForShe, on the occasion of International Women’s Day.
The stamps in the denominations of 49¢, $1.20, CHF 1,00, CHF 2,00 € 0,68 and € 0,80 for the United Nations and INR 5 and INR 25 for India Post are designed by Mirko Illic.
The stamps design gives the message that girls and women are half of humanity and are exactly equal to the other half. Together, they make a whole world.
The stamp design also features the HeForShe logo, a new symbol created out of traditional icons of gender for our shared humanity.
This joint issuance of the UN Women HeForShe stamps also highlights the commitment of the United Nations and the Government of India in addressing issues related to gender equality.
The half face images on the stamps underlines the message of men and women working together to make gender equality a reality.

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