13 February 2017

125th Anniversary of the Indian National Archives 11.3.2016

The National Archives of India (NAI) is the custodian of non-current records of the Government of India and is holding them in trust for the use of the records creators and users at large. It is the biggest repository of the non-current records in South East Asia. Archives are the priceless documentary heritage of any nation and as the premier archival institution in the country; the National Archives of India plays a key role in guiding and shaping the development of archives both at the national as well as international level. In its unique position as the sole repository of Public records of the country, NAI has been the memory keeper of the nation.
Established in 1891 at Calcutta as the Imperial Records Department (IRD), the National Archives of India was later shifted to New Delhi in 1911. The present building of the National Archives of India was constructed in 1926, and the transfer of all records was completed in 1937. After Independence, the IRD was rechristened as National Archives of India.

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