16 October 2016

Muthuramalinga Sethupathy 30.3.2010

Muthuramalinga Sethupathy was born on 30 March 1760 at Ramanathapuram to Shri Nerunchithevar and Muthuthiruvirayee Nachiyar.
The infant prince, the last Marava ruler, was crowned when he was only 72 days old by his uncle, the King of Ramanathapuram in 1760. His mother acted as Regent and took care of him and ruled over the Kingdom on his behalf, assisted by some wise ministers. In his twelve years’ rule, with his mother’s wise regency & care, Ramanathapuram achieved glory. The Kingdom included territories in the north from Kottaipattinam to Vembaru in the south, Kannirajapuram and 120 miles length of sea board in the east. A third corridor at Rameshwaram temple was completed.
Scholars of Tamil and Sanskrit were encouraged and rewarded. Considering the importance of the English language, the Schwartz Missionaries were patronized to start a school in Ramanathapuram. Two trusts, namely “Dharma Mahimai” and “Zari Mahimai” were formed to help poor and handicapped persons. Just and secular rule was established.
Defying the British rulers, the little kingdom refused to pay the tributes. By aligning with the Nawab of Arcot, the British forces under General Joseph Smith jointly attacked Ramanathapuram Fort unexpectedly on 2nd June 1772. The Fort wall was damaged and Sethupathy’s army was defeated. The boy Sethupathy with his mother and sister were imprisoned at Trichy Fort. After languishing in the prison for nearly 24 years at Trichy and Chennai, this young warrior died on 23 Jan 1809 at St. George Prison, Chennai.

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