16 October 2016

The Special Protection Group (SPG) 30.3.2010

The Special Protection Group (SPG) was created after the tragic assassination of Smt. Indira Gandhi, the then Prime Minister of India, on the recommendation of the Birbal Nath Committee, with the intention of providing a highly professional, motivated and dedicated security force to protect the Prime Minister. The SPG came into being following a notification dated 30.03.1985.
Initially entrusted with the responsibility of providing proximate security cover to the Prime Minister and family members, its charter was expanded in 1991 to include former Prime Ministers too.
The underlying desire of the organization is to strive for excellence and to ensure a zero error culture. The spirit is never say die and the goal never to fail. In achieving this objective, the SPG personnel are trained to offer, if necessary, the supreme sacrifice to ensure that the task assigned to the organization by the Government is fulfilled at all costs. The SPG strives to live up to its motto ‘Shauryam, Samarpanam and Surakshanam’ i.e. valour, devotion and protection.

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