15 October 2016

300 years of the 16 Punjab (2nd Patiala) 19.3.2010

The Punjab Regiment of India was formed from the 2nd Punjab Regiment of the British Indian Army in 1947. It is one of the oldest regiments still in service in the Indian Army and has taken part in various battles and wars winning numerous honors for the same. It is one of the most acclaimed regiments of the Indian Army.
Prior to independence and partition there were a number of "Punjab regiments" in the British India. These were amalgamated to form six regiments: the 1st Punjab Regiment, the 2nd Punjab Regiment, the 8th Punjab Regiment, the 14th Punjab Regiment, the 15th Punjab Regiment and the 16th Punjab Regiment. At the onset of independence in 1947, the 1st, 8th, 14th, 15th and 16th Punjab Regiment went over to the newly raised Pakistan army, while the 2nd Punjab Regiment was retained in the Indian Army. Troops were transferred between regiments based on whether the soldiers would be a part of Pakistan or India.

The battalion was raised in 1710 in “Dehra formation” by Baba Ala Singh, who was the founder of Patiala State. It was reorganized by Maharaja Sahib Singh in 1819 and again in 1892, being designated as the 2nd Imperial Service Infantry. Later, in 1920, the Battalion was renamed as ‘2nd Patiala Infantry’ and was brought under the Indian State Forces Army. The Unit was again renamed as ‘2nd Patiala Yadvindra Infantry’ by Hony Lieutenant General His Highness Maharaja Sir Yadvindra Singh of Patiala, who commanded one of its Rifle Companies in the rank of Captain.

The Regiment insignia is a Galley, an ancient Greek or Roman warship. It is perhaps the only Infantry Regiment with an insignia of a naval vessel in the world. Regimental Centre is at Ramgarh Cantt (Jharkhand).

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