21 June 2015

9th Asian Games 19.11.1982

The 9th Asian Games were held from November 19, 1982 to December 4, 1982 in Delhi, India. An incredible 74 Asian Games records were broken. This was also the first Asiad to be held under the aegis of the Olympic Council of Asia.

A total of 3,411 athletes from 33 National Olympic Committees (NOCs) participated in these games, competing in 196 events in 21 sports and 23 disciplines. The number of participating countries was the greatest in Asian Games history. Handball, equestrian, rowing and golf were included for the first time; fencing and bowling were excluded.

Being returned to the city of its birth Asiad has also reached out to enliven the Pink City of Jaipur and the busting metropolis of Bombay. Rowing, which is one of the four new events added to the IX Asiad, is being hosted at Ramgarh lake about 30 KM from the historic Pink City. The Rowing Regatta comprises of Coxed Focus, Coxed Pairs, Coxswainless Pairs and Single Sculls. The tranquil waters of the lake have been the scene of excitement ever since the commencement of the event on 21st November. The concluding competitions today promises a thrilling final. As the rowing boat are reaching to the finish line at Ramgarh, an array of multicoloured sporting 

Yatches are afloat off the shores of Bombay. Their splendorous sails billowing in cool November winds, the Yatches are gracefully gliding over the gentle waves towards the finish line near the harbour. Yatching event of the IX Asiad commenced in Bombay, India's premier gateway to the west. The competitions are in the international classes of the Fire Ball, Enterprises, OK Dinghy and Wind Glider (Surf board). A series of seven races are being held, one race a day. Good Winds and fair sailing to them.

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