22 June 2015

The Indian Military Academy, Dehra Dun - Golden Jubilee 10.12.1982

INDIAN MILITARY ACADEMY. The Indian Military Academy, Dehra Dun was inaugurated on 10 December 1932. It has on its rolls today over 1200 Gentlemen Cadets. Of these, some are commissioned every six months as regular officers of the Indian Army. These are the young officers who, with their valiant 'Jawans', guard our Nation's frontiers. The List of alumni of the Indian Military Academy includes a Field Marshal, a galaxy of Generals, winners of the Nation's highest gallantry awards and others who have brought glory to the country by their prowess in sports. The academy's Roll of Honour is equally impressive and testifies to the dauntless courage and fidelity of India's bravest sons. Situated amidst sylvan surroundings in the Doon Valley, the Academy, with its imposing buildings, tree lined avenues and carefully tended gardens, presents a spectacle of rare beauty and orderliness.

The training of Gentlemen Cadets is tough and fills the whole day with meaningful activity. Physical training, Drill, Weapon training, Riding, Study of Tactics and strategy, Post-graduate studies in the Humanities and Sciences - these alongwith games and sports, combine to provide its Gentlemen Cadets with healthy bodies and healthy soldierly minds. Quite appropriately the motto of the Academy reads'VEERATA AUR VIVEK' I.E. 'Valour and Wisdom'. The Academy teaches its alumni to live by a credo given to it in 1932 by its founding father, Field Marshal Sir Philip Chetwode. Emblazoned in golden letters on the East panel of Chetwode Hall, the credo calls upon the alumni of the academy to put the Nation first, the troops next and ones own self last in all that they do.   The Academy looks back with pride on its 50th Anniversary of Indian Military Academy.

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