20 June 2015

Children's Day 1982 - 14.11.1982

The message of Children's Day would be delivered home if we all realise our duties towards children. There are many ways of reminding the people their responsibility towards children. Stamps seek to communicate the message in a very effective way. The Children's Day Stamp fulfils the mission of propagating the awareness of our duty to the attainment of the right of children to blossom forth into ideal citizens of the future. The Indian Posts and Telegraphs Department is privileged to issue a special postage stamp on Children's day, 1982, to convey this message.
The stamp has for its motif a painting, titled 'Mother and Child' by Deepak Sharma (Age 8). The first day cover shows the photograph of a child taking part in a painting competition. These are reproduced by the kind courtesy of Shankar's International Children Competition.

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