31 December 2016

Delhi Gymkhana Club Centenary 3.7.2013

Delhi Gymkhana Club is a sporting club which was established by the British for the use of officers of the Indian Civil Services, Armed Forces and residents of Delhi. It was established on 3rd July, 1913 as the Imperial Delhi Gymkhana Club. After Independence, the word ‘Imperial’ was dropped and it came to be known as Delhi Gymkhana Club. Located in the heart of Lutyens‘  New Delhi, the club was constructed as per the site plan made by Sir Edwin Landseer Lutyen. It has since been declared a ‘Heritage property‘ by the Government of India. The Article of Association of the Club, drawn up in 1913, recognized the Viceroy and Governor General of India as the Patron of the Club. Since then, the Article of Association has been amended and Article 3 provides for the Presidentof India to be invited as the Patron of the Club.
Delhi Gymkhana Club has a unique and rich history making it one of the most prestigious clubs of India. The club has stood a silent witness to the fading glory of the British Raj and the emergence of the spirit of an Independent India. The historical meeting between Mahatma Gandhi & Lord Irwin leading to the Gandhi Irwin Pact was held in its premises.

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