29 July 2016

Snows Basilica 25.12.2007

On the occasion of Christmas 2007 a stamp featuring "Snows Basilica" of Tuticorin, Tamil Nadu was released. "The Basilica of Our Lady of Snow," popular among Catholics in the state, is an ancient structure, which has a striking and significant landmark unfolding great stories of ancient history.  It is a living symbol of India?s cultural contact with the world, especially the medieval Europe, and is a cornerstone of the multiculturalism of our country.

According to its history, the church started by Fr. Pedru Consalves in 1538 was dedicated to St. Peter and was consecrated and blessed on the feast of "Lady of Snows" on August 5, 1713. Made in beautiful Portuguese style architecture, the Basilica has, for centuries, drawn the devotees from far and wide, added the Christian website. People of all faiths, visit in large numbers seeking peace, solace and happiness.

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