30 July 2016

National Water Year 2007 28.12.2007

DECLARATION OF YEAR 2007 AS ‘WATER YEAR’ BY GOVT. OF INDIA. The National Common Minimum Programme assigns priority to the water sector and water management. Irrigation and drinking water are also two important components of Bharat Nirman. Emphasis has been given to water resources development and management by the Central Government. For successful implementation of water resources development programme, it would be essential to bring all the stakeholders viz policy makers and decision makers, project managers and local authorities, NGO’s, communities, social workers and individuals and also the private sectors to ensure successful implementation of the policies and programmes for better management and development of the water sector. With a view to generate the required response from all stakeholders and to involve them in drawing up more appropriate strategies, the Government of India has declared the Year 2007 as “Water Year”  

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