09 July 2016

Sir K.V.A.R. Alagappa Chettiar 6.4.2007

Sir K.V.A.R. (Kottaiyur Veerappa Alagappa Ramanatha) Alagappa Chettiar,  (6 April 1909 – 5 April 1957), was an Indian businessman and philanthropist. He was awarded Padmabhushan award in 1956.
At the age of 48, in the midst of single-handedly revolutionising his native place and changing the course of history he succumbed to his illness. Perhaps his crowning piece of philanthropy was giving away his own palatial residence in Kottaiyur to found the Women's college. Rajaji has remarked, "Dr. Alagappa Chettiar had given away freely. Students should develop that quality namely giving money earned for charity. Here is a book of life and students can learn from him how one can give to good cause, cultivate courage and emulate the spirit of Dr. Alagappa Chettiar".

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