09 July 2016

2550 years of Mahaparinirvana of the Gautama Buddha 2.5.2007

The Department of Posts released a set of six postage stamps on the ‘Buddha’ to commemorate  the 2550 years of Mahaparinirvana of the Gautama Buddha.
The first stamp depicts a statue from the Gandhara period of Siddhartha when he was still a prince.
The second stamp shows a sculpture from Myanmar where Buddha is an ascetichaving renounced royal luxuries to meditate on the essential Truth.
The third stamp depicts the blissful head of the meditating Buddha(Dharmachakrapravartan or Turning-the-wheel-of-law Buddha) from Sarnath,India, also done in the Gandhara style.
The fourth stamp depicts the Bhumisparsha Buddha holding the nectar ofimmortality in a jar. Some of the numerous incarnations of Buddha, past and future as well as pert of the cycle of creation and dissolution of the many worlds feature in the
The fifth stampHinayana.  symbolises such the Lotus indicating the blossoming of inner harmony which is the basis of all existence, and the dharma chakra with the various stages of development is shown in the sixth stamp. Also seen in one corner is the bhumisparsha mudra which proclaims ‘the earth is my witness’.

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