04 July 2016

Sandalwood 13.12.2006

This is an unusual stamp. Not only is the sandalwood fragrance but even the colour, texture and design have been brilliantly done and owning one then it brings a variety to ones stamp collection. Philatelists across the country feel that this stamp, considering that it is the first of its kind issued by India Post, will have immense value in the future. Taking a wild guess, its price might just be somewhere around several hundreds to even thousands in a few years. Stamps are valued depending on the commemorative value and this 'sandalwood' stamp, being the first of its kind in India, will fetch a very good price some years down the line. Sandalwood has a very special place in the Indian psyche and is often used as incense in yogic or meditation practices.
Another interesting aspect about this stamp is that it will hardly be sighted in domestic postal circulation because of its Rs 15 value.  

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