05 July 2016

Bimal Roy 8.1.2007

The name of Bimal Roy is one well known and loved among film lovers, and is synonymous with good cinema. Rooted in reality, his cinematic masterpieces like  'Udayer   Pathey'  (Bengali),   'Do  Bigha  Zameen', 'Devdas'  and  'Bandini'  (Hindi)  portray  life with  a  rare sensitivity and a distinctive poetic sensibility. Speaking with a characteristically quiet yet resonating voice his films capture the essence of the human condition, with its drama and romance and pathos, while celebrating the dignity of the human spirit. Subtle yet telling in his indictment of social inequities and injustice, economic exploitation and human suffering, this master storyteller weaves a magic that enthralls us even today.

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