27 July 2016

Greetings Stamps 15.12.2007

India Post released a set of 5 special stamps on Greetings on December 15, 2007. 
Each stamp in this issue has a label attached to it. These labels also carry Greeting messages. This is the first Indian issue with ‘tabs’.
India Security Press, Nasik printed the stamps by photogravure in the quantity of 3 million for the 4 stamps and of 5 million for the 5th stamp.
The stamps are printed se-tenant 5 x 5 and and in the initial supplies the horizontal rows 1 to 4 are 29 mm in height and the row 5 - the bottom  row  is 31 mm in length or height. Later supplies arrived where this perforation error was corrected and all 5 rows are uniformly are 29 mm in height.
This is not a freak but is a major constant variety that merits a listing in catalogues.

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