30 June 2016

Endangered Birds of India 5.10.2006

Manipur BushQuail, “Perdicula manipurensis” :-
Inhabits stands of tall grassland and feeds in groups in the open, on grass seeds, wild lentils, and insects. Once endemic to the wet grasslands of north east India, there has been no confirmed sighting of the bird since 1935.
Lesser Florican, “Sypheotides Indica” :-
A large bird of the bustard family and the only member of genus sypheotides. Inhabiting grasslands including standing fields of cotton and millets, the birds feed on grain, greenshoots, seeds, and beetles.
Greater Adjutant Stork, “Leptoptilos dubius” :-
A large wading bird of the stork family Ciconiidae, the bird is found in the tropical wetlands of north and north-east of India. This is a huge bird, typically 145 to 150 cm tall with a 250 cm wingspan. The birds feed mainly on frogs, large insects, reptiles, lizards, and fish.
Nilgiri Laughingthrush, “Garrulax Cachinnans” :-
Endemic to Nilgiri hills, this species feeds on insects and berries especially wild raspberry and hill guava. A noisy bird, its call is a spirited ‘laughing’, oft repeated. It breeds during February to July and makes a cup shaped nest of grass, rootlets, moss etc. in a bush or a small tree.

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