29 June 2016

50 Years of diplomatic relations between India and Mongolia 11.9.2006

The two stamps on this FDC were issued to commemorate 50 Years of diplomatic relations between India and Mongolia.
The theme of the Joint Issue was Arts & Crafts. The stamps depict the Bronze Statue of Rao Dev, Bastar, Madhya Pradesh and the Bronze Statue, Murun Mongolia.

One of the stamps depicts an early 20th century bronze replica of the equestrian deity Rao Dev from Bastar, Madhya Pradesh. The extremely fine ornamentation of the bronze idol, cast in the lostwax technique and executed by a Ghadva metalsmith, is typical of the folk metal images from the Bastar region of India.

The other stamp depicts an ancient sculpture of a horse from Mongolia, an archaeological finding from the Bronze Age. The bronze cast statue was found in Murun city of Khuvsgul province of Mongolia.

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