04 August 2015

Silver Jubilee of I.N.S. VIKRANT - India's First Aircraft Carrier 16.2.1986

A 200p Stamp on the Silver Jubilee of I.N.S. VIKRANT is based on the art work prepared by Alka Sharma. The First Day Cover shows a Sea Harrier Aircraft ready for take off with Alize aircraft and a Seaking helicopter on either side of the deck ready for launch. The crest of I.N.S. VIKRANT has been superimposed on it.  
INS Vikrant was a Majestic-class aircraft carrier of the Indian Navy. She played a key role in enforcing the naval blockade on East Pakistan during the Indo-Pakistan War of 1971.
The ship was built under the name Hercules for the British Royal Navy during World War II, but construction was put on hold after the war's end, and she never entered British service. India purchased the incomplete carrier from the United Kingdom in 1957, and construction was completed in 1961. INS Vikrant was commissioned and was the first aircraft carrier of the Indian Navy. After years of distinguished service, she was decommissioned in January 1997.

The Silver Jubilee of I.N.S. Vikrant, India's only aircraft carrier was on 16 Feb. 1986. Vikrant completed 25 years of glorious service which was a matter of pride not only for the Indian Navy but for the entire country.

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