25 July 2015

The Festival of India 1985-86 in the USA and France 7.6.1985

The Festival of India 1985-86 had been connived as a major event to provide the American and the French people with glimpses of life, art and culture of India- both past and present. The Festival was expected not only to bring these nations closer to India, but also to develop better understanding between the peoples of the participating countries. The Festival offers a most comprehensive projection of the various facets of social and cultural life in India, from the ancient time to the present day.
Commencing in June 1985, the Festival will continue till spring 1986 and will be one of the biggest events ever mounted to promote goodwill and understanding between the participating countries. It will not only fill the gaps in knowledge about India, but also give an insight into the deep roots of Indian culture. It is also expected to give a trendous boost to trade nd tourism.

The stamp depicts a copper coin of the Yaudheya circa 200 B.C. symbolising Ahimsa "Not to injure any living being". The coin whose observe is seen on the stamp is a numismatic rarity, an ancient over 200 years ago. Issued by the Yaudheya tribal republic of 200 BC, the coin is rich in the symbology so typical of those times. The deer represents the gentle and compassionate doctrine of "Ahimsa", credo of Buddha, which held all life to be sacred. Above the deer appears the "Kalash", the pot of plenty: and above the pot, the symbol of "Shri", goddess of good fortune and well being. The reverse depicts the Republic's Deity, Karthikeya, the second son of Lord Shiva and His Consort Parvati.

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