25 July 2015

The Festival of India 1985-86 in the USA and France 13.6.1985

Further to the previous post the stamp on this FDC shows ‘Didarganj Yakshi’. The Didarganj Yakshi (orDidarganj Chauri Bearer) is one of the finest examples of Mauryan art. The sculpture is currently located in the Patna Museum in Bihar, India. It is 64" tall, carved out of a single piece of stone.  This life-size standing image is tall, well-proportioned, free-standing sculpture is made of sandstone with well polished surface. The chauri is held in the right hand whereas the left hand is broken. The lower garment create a somewhat transparent effect. The Didarganj Yakshi is estimated to date from ca. 3rd century BCE.  It was excavated from Didarganj, on the banks of the Ganges River, in 1917.

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