06 July 2015

Completion of ten years of the Project Tiger 22.11.1983

Completion of ten years of the Project Tiger. Project Tiger was not just a programme for protecting the tiger. It could not be, because it sought to protect the tiger in its natural environment.

The launching of Project Tiger in 1973 was a recognition of this adversity and of the needs to take up remedial action. A decade of experience of the Project has proved how a sincere field conservation effort can quickly help nature heel its scars. It has also shown that with a perceptive approach such a restrictive programme can also secure the involvement of the communities who must curtail and regulate their uses of forest for conservation. The Project has grown from 9 tiger reserves in 1973-74 to 15 in 1982-83. It now encompasses some 25,700 sq km with a core segment of 8000 sq km. free from all its exploitative human use. The striking revival of ecosystems in the reserves is easily seen from a comparison of the reserves with their still depleting surrounds. The number of tigers has itself gone up from 268 in 9 reserves in 1972 to 854 in 11 reserves in 1983.

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