28 May 2015

Mulana Mazharul Haque 2.1.1981

Mulana Mazharul Haque (1866-1930). Mazharul Haque helped organize the Home Rule Movement in Bihar and was its President in 1916. He actively participated in the Champaran Satyagraha along with fellow eminent nationalists Rajendra Prasad,Anugrah Narayan Sinha and Brajkishore Prasad for which he was sentenced to 3 months imprisonment.

Subsequently, when the Non Cooperation and Khilafat Movements were launched, Mazharul Haque gave up his lucrative legal practice and his elected post as member of the Imperial Legislative Council as a mark of protest against the infamous Rowlat Act of 1919 and turned all his efforts to the freedom struggle. By now, he was a firm believer in complete Independence being "the birthright of every Nation".

An avid writer and poet, in 1921, he started "The Motherland" an English weekly journal (later bi-weekly) which was used to propagate thoughts and ideals of the Non Cooperation Movement.

In remembrance of this worthy freedom fighter and educationalist, in April 1988, the Maulana Mazharul Haque Arabic and Persian University was founded at Patna.

The stamp design carries the portrait of Mazharul Haque. The first day cover shows “Ashiana” the ancestral house of Mazharul Haque.

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