04 February 2017

Charkha (Spinning Wheel) 15.10.2015

A spinning wheel or Charkha is a device for spinning thread or yarn from natural or synthetic fibres. The spinning wheel replaced the earlier method of hand spinning with a spindle. From the earliest times, the spinning wheel was a common sight in Indian households. This is borne out by the excavations carried out at ancient sites of Harappa and MohenjoDaro. Earlier references about the processes of spinning and weaving are found in the Rig Vedas.
Gandhiji was very keen on improving the Charkha technologically in order to improve its productivity. He announced a competition for design of a more efficient Charkha. This Charkha was required to be simple in operation, cheap to manufacture, and able to produce yarn of good quality in greater quantity. While he was lodged in Yeravda Jail, Gandhiji himself worked on a portable design of the Charkha which could be easily carried anywhere.

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