06 February 2017

Bicentenary (1815-2015) of the First and Third Gorkha Rifles 2.11.2015

The First Gorkha Rifles is a fascinating account of campaigns and battles. During the early eighteenth century, the Gorkhas from Nepal had extended their empire into Kumaon, Garhwal and Kangra Hills. This led to a confrontation with the British East India Company, resulting in the Gorkha War of 1815. Impressed by the fighting qualities of the Gorkhas, the East India Company offered to raise a Gorkha Regiment from the remnants of Amar Singh Thapa’s Army after the Treaty of Sigauli. Thus, the First Nusseree (meaning friendly or loyal) Battalion came into being on 24 Apr, 1815 at Subathu, the present home of the 14 Gorkha Training Centre.

The Third Gorkha Rifles was raised by Sir Robert Colquhoun on 24 Apr, 1815 as The Kemaon Local Battalion. The Battalion comprised of Gorkhas and personnel from Kumaon and Garhwal region.

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