09 February 2017

Alagumuthu Konar 26.12.2015

Veeran Azhagu Muthu Kone (1681-1739), also known as Alagumuthu Konar, was a Tamil Konar warrior and one of the early freedom fighters to arouse public consciousness against foreign rule in Tiruneveli region. He is regarded for having raised one of the first revolts against the British in India. He was based in Kattalankulam, a village in erstwhile Tirunelveli district of Tamil Nadu. He was a general with Ettayappa Naicker, a polygar king of Ettayapuram in Tirunelveli region. He was a skilful general with Madurai Nayaks, but left the army after some misunderstanding and was eagerly adopted by the polygar king. After the failed battle at Ettayapuram against the British and Maruthanayagam, Alagumuthu had to flee with the royal family. Kone and his 258 men, including seven generals, were captured by the British. According to historians, the right hands of the sepoys were chopped off and Alagumuthu Kone was tied to canon and blown up.

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