05 February 2017

3rd India-Africa Forum Summit 2015 29.10.2015

A  set of six stamps were released at the concluding session of the 3rd India-Africa Forum Summit held from 26 to 29th October 2015, in New Delhi. These stamps were also released in a miniature sheet format (regular miniature sheet and embossed hot foil miniature sheet). The theme - easily predictable - for the stamps was animals in India and Africa, specifically, lions, rhinos and gazelles. 

Miniature sheet with hot foil stamping. Also, for the first time, India Post has brought out innovative Miniature Sheet with Hot Foil stamping and embossing. The Indian Rhino, African Rhino and Black Buck are Hot Foil stamped with Gun Metal Foil, the two Lions with Gold foil and the Thomson Gazelle with Copper Foil. All these stamps are embossed.

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