21 January 2017

Gaiety Theatre Complex, Shimla 20.8.2014

In the second quarter of the nineteenth century, the town of Shimla (earlier, Simla) had yet not been settled properly. The houses were few and far between. Some years were still to pass before this unusual little town, high in the hills, found its place in the sun as the ‘summer capital’ of British India. From a rugged outpost, Shimla rapidly transformed itself into one of the most elegant towns. Gaiety Theatre, which opened in 1887, was an important part of theTown Hall. It was a marvel of architecture with perfect acoustics and theatre facilities. A hub of the performing arts, Gaiety Theatre saw legendary artists perform on its historical stage. The first play, a comedy-farce to be staged at the Gaiety was somehow appropriately named, ‘Time Will Tell’. Hundreds of plays, musicals, theatre and music performances over time, and the Gaiety, have told a story that has spanned events both big and small; events with theatrical and historical.

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