01 January 2017

11th Asian Pacific Postal Union Congress 3.9.2013

11th Asian Pacific Postal Union Congress was held in New Delhi from 3rd to 6th September2013. On 3rd September2013, The President of India inaugurated the congress.  Special stamps portraying the wild flowers of India were issued on the occasion. A miniature sheet of these stamps is shown above. 
India has a rich and varied heritage of plant diversity exhibiting a wide spectrum from tropical rainforests to alpine vegetation and from temperate forests to the coastal wetlands. The Flora of India is one of the richest in the world due to its diverse climatic regimes and topology. There is virtually no area in India without a particular treasure or species of special beauty or interest.

India Post is paying a tribute to the pristine beauty of twelve of its rare and beautiful wild flowers by issuing a sheetlet of stamps and three miniature sheets.

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