27 December 2016

Heritage Buildings of Mumbai GPO & Agra HPO 12.4.2013

The Mumbai G.P.O. is built in IndoSaracenic style with a solid exterior and well ventilated interiors built in local Kurla basalt with dressings of yellow stone from Malad and white stone from Dhrangadhara. The architecture reflects strong influences of Islamic architecture in its skyline dominated by domes and minarets. The monumental structure stretches to a length of 522 feet. The height of the dome is 119 feet. The facade is symmetrical along the central axis, with the centre punctuated by a front porch and capped by a dome. The dome fashioned after the Bijapur dome has a diameter of 65 feet. The building is listed as a Gradel heritage building in the Heritage Regulation for Greater Bombay, 1995.
Mumbai G.P.O. has come a long way since its birth and has evolved into a modern fully computerized post office representing the changing face of India Post.

Agra Head Post Office was built in 1913. It is located on the Mall Road of the beautiful cantonment area of Agra.
Agra H.P.O. building, an important landmark of Agra has two beautiful porches on both sides and a 45 feet high dome in the middle of the building. The building also finds a place in the list of Postal Heritage buildings. Keeping with the times, this office is also fully computerized.

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