24 December 2016

3 PARA (Special Forces) 2.3.2013

3rd Battalion, The Parachute Regiment (Special Forces) was raised on 8th March, 1813 at Bolarum by Sir Henry Russell, the British Resident of Hyderabad. It was initially christened as 1st Battalion, The Russell’s Brigade and after several changes in its name and organization, it was named as 3 Para (Special Forces) in 2004.
3 Para has played an important role in various operations in India & abroad since its inception. It took active part in operations during World War I and in Middle Eastand Burma during World War II. The battalion also played an important role in Jammuand Kashmir operations in 1947. On 7th November, 1947, it took part in the famous Battle of Shelatang and was awarded the Battle honour ‘Shelatang’. It was also responsible for the liberation of Poonch and awarded Battle honour ‘Poonch’. The unit was also awarded the Theatre Honour Jammu & Kashmir 1947-48.
This unit was the first battalion of the Indian Army to serve under the United Nations. From November, 1956 to November, 1957 it formed the Indian contingent of the United Nations Emergency Force (UNEF) in Egypt and GazaStrip. The unit was deployed in the Western Sector during 1965 and 1971 operations and took part in OP CACTUS in Maldives in November, 1988. After its stint in overseas missions, it was again deployed in Jammu and Kashmir in OP RAKSHAK.

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