05 November 2016

Sri Sri Amarendranath Chakravarty popularly known as Sri Sri Borda 6.12.2010

Sri Sri Amarendranath Chakravarty popularly known as Sri Sri Borda was born on 21st November 1911 at Himayetpur, in Pabna district of Bengalprovince, now in Bangladesh to Sri Sri Thakur Anukulchandra and Smt. JagatJanani Sree Sree Shorashibala Devi.
He raised a volunteer force called Swasti Sevak Vahini by drafting youths and taught them to maintain social peace, harmony and to provide necessary service to the people. A de-addiction centre for the drug addicted was opened where thousands of people are treated. He made the Ashram Hospital give free medical treatment to the needy and destitute. Artificial limbs to the handicapped are being distributed free of cost. In the free community kitchen thousands are fed. 
He was ever ready to come to the aid anyone who needs it. With his sympathetic attitude he endured the weak and the wicked; encouraged the daunted and the destitute. He consoled the aggrieved, relieved and the sufferers held up the fallen and led them to the light of life.

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