29 November 2016

President’s Fleet Review at Mumbai 19.12.2011

Naval Fleet Reviews are ceremonial occasions traditionally held by Navies the world over to showcase their prowess. The Review is a grand and formal occasion when all operational naval vessels and aircrafts are spruced up in a spirit of loyalty and allegiance to the nation and the Supreme Commander. The President’s Fleet Review is a symbolic display of a nation’s maritime capabilities and prowess. It is meant to convey to the Supreme Commander and to the nation that the country’s maritime forces are fighting fit and ready to meet any challenge. 
In India too, it is a time honoured tradition that the President of India, as the Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces, reviews the Naval Fleet once during her/his tenure. Nine such reviews have taken place since independence.
For the reviews, participating units, which include warships, submarines, auxiliary vessels, Coast Guard ships, etc. are anchored in formation in precise columns. The President of India embarks on a naval vessel designated as the ‘Presidential Yacht’ and reviews all the ships by cruising past them. Simultaneously, naval aircrafts of the Naval Air Arm fly past in a salute overhead.

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