12 November 2016

Centenary of the Corps of Signals 15.2.2011

The  Corps of Signals of the Indian Army completed 100 years of its service. Communications have played a vital role in warfare and constitute the nervous system of Armies all over the world. From smoke signals, human runners and pigeons, to telegraphy and onto wireless communications, the transformation to the information age of today has been dramatic & revolutionary. The Corps of Signals of the Indian Army with its dedicated band of officers and men, over the years, has assimilated the emerging technologies to build a well oiled networking force to match the best in the world.

Lt Col SH Powell, Royal Engineers was the founder and first head of the Indian Signal Service which was subsequently re-designated as the Indian Signal Corps. The motto of the Corps is “Teevra Chaukas” i.e. “”Swift and Secure,” and its emblem depicts the figure of the Roman Deity “Mercury” or “Hermes”, the messenger of Gods in Greek mythology, which incidentally has the unique distinction of being the common emblem of most armies of the Commonwealth group of nations. 

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