26 November 2016

250 years of The Punjab Regiment & 1 Para (SF) (1 Punjab) 12.10.2011

The Punjab Regiment is one of the oldest infantry Regiments of the Indian Army. The ancestral units of the Punjab Regiment were formed out of the erstwhile Coastal Sepoys, which were later known as Carnatic Battalionsand then Madras Battalions. The first battalions were raised between 1761 and 1798. Designation of these battalions underwent many changes in subsequent years and got redesignated as the 67th, 69th, 72nd, 74th and 87thPunjab in 1903. These battalions later came to be known as 2nd Punjab Regiment and recruitment for all these battalions was confined to areas of Punjab.
1 PARA (SF) raised as 8th Battalion Coast Sepoys in 1761 at Trichinopolyunderwent various changes to be designated as 7th Carnatic, 7th Madras Native Infantry, 67th Punjab, 1/2nd Punjab Regiment and 1st Battalion Punjab Regiment. In 1952 it was converted to 1 PARA (PUNJAB) and later to 1 PARA (COMMANDO) in 1978. It earned the distinction of being converted to SPECIAL FORCES and was redesignated as 1 PARA (SPECIAL FORCES).

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