31 October 2016

Sant Shadaram Sahib 25.10.2010

Sant Shadaram Sahib, was born on 25th October 1708 in Lahore now inPakistan.
According to the ancient history of Sindh, during the rule of Gulam Shah Kalhoro people were suffering. During this unrest period Sant Shadaram Sahib was born bringing hope, comfort, spiritual joy, peace and divine light to the hearts of the people.
Even as a child he preached the people & advised people to turn away from a sinful life, do good deeds and to help the poor. At the age of 20, he undertook a long pilgrimage, visiting all important holy places in North India including the Pashupathinath Temple im Nepal In 1768, he returned to Mathelo, a prominent city in Sindh. Here, he lit a holy fire and established the ‘dukh bhajan dhuni sahib’(Bhashmi) and a well was dug and it is believed that both have miraculous powers. The land of Sindh has been the abode of rishis, saints and fakirs who, through their divine powers, and meditation, have helped the poor and downtrodden, and shown them the path of salvation.

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