03 October 2016

Horses of India 9.11.2009

Horses have been a part of the Indian ethos from time immemorial – whether in mythology, the legendary horses of the Chariot of the Sun or the ones that carried warriors and kings across the pages of history. Today equestrian events and polo grounds showcase horses at their aristocratic best, while their humbler cousins work between the shafts of carts and tongas or as pack horses – or even to carry the bridegroom to his wedding!
The five breeds of Indian horses are MarwariKathiawariManipuriSpiti and Zanskari. The first two are known for their beauty and speed; the last two are slow- moving horses found mainly in the Himalayan ranges. The Manipuri shares some qualities of both groups and is reputed for its intelligence and speed. There are some other breeds too like the BhutiaChummarti and Sikang some of whom are on the verge of extinction.

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