08 October 2016

Greetings 1.12.2009

India Post ushers in the festive season by issuing special postage stamps on this folk art for Greetings.

Indian folk art which includes wall painting as well as floor painting goes back 5000 years. Kolam,Rangoli etc. are examples of floor art. They are intended to welcome guests and visitors to the home.
The term Rangoli is derived from Rang (colour) + avalli (coloured creepers) or Rang + aavalli (row of colours). Rangoli originated in Maharashtra although today it is practised everywhere. Rangoli ofWestern India (MaharastraGujarat & Rajasthan) has a special characteristic colour-fills in contrast to the floor. In Eastern India (BengalOrissa) they decorate floors with Alpana, a line drawing with rice powder or paste.

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