27 September 2016

India Post Freighter 12.10.2009

In August 2007, Department of Posts introduced its first dedicated freighter aircraft for exclusive carriage of mail, parcel and logistics in the North East. Lack of a reliable mode of mail transmission in the difficult terrain of this region had always remained a major handicap for India Post in fulfilling its universal social obligations with respect to mail transmission and delivery. This path-breaking effort has not only resolved the chronic problem of transmission of mail, to and from the North East, but has also provided a robust cargo link to the region with rest of the country. The North East freighter, which operates on the Kolkata – Guwahati – Imphal – Agartala – Kolkata route on a regular basis, has in many ways become a lifeline for the entire region. It has given a major fillip to the economic and commercial activities in the region by providing a fast and reliable channel of transmission.

India Post has now put in place a nationwide hub and spoke system of air transmission of mail, parcel and logistics through induction of two or more dedicated freighter aircraft on the metro routes. The North-East freighter has been integrated into this national network, wherein three freighter aircraft operate overnight, converge at Nagpur for exchange of mail, and return to their respective base cities. Cities such as Delhi,Mumbai, Chennai, Kolkata and Bangalore in the metro sector, and Guwahati, Imphal and Agartala in the North East, are directly connected by this freighter network. This network is further complimented by a second tier air transmission as well as a road-cum-rail based transport system for inter-city carriage of mail across the vast expanse of the country. The three Boeing 737200 freighters operate on the following routes:
Mumbai – Nagpur – Mumbai.
Kolkata – Delhi – Nagpur – Delhi – Kolkata (The same aircraft operates on Kolkata – Guwahati –Imphal – Agartala – Kolkata route during the day time).
Bangalore – Chennai – Nagpur – Chennai – Bangalore.

India Post has chartered these aircraft from Air India. Each aircraft carries eight pallets (seven pallets of 125 inches x 88 inches and one pallet of 108 inches x 88 inches) and a payload of approximately 13 to 14 tonnes. Thus, approximately 40 tonnes of mail, parcel and logistics can be carried on the three aircraft at a time.

On 13th September 2009 the Hon’ble Minister for Communication & ITThiru A. Raja, formally launched the freighter aircraft at Chennai, after the trial run which began on 27th July 2009 was found successful.

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