25 September 2016

Holy Cross Church, Mapranam 14.9.2009

The Holy Cross Church, Mapranam is situated in the rural ambience of Thrissur district, in Kerala. The Church, which is part of the Irinjalakuda diocese, was established in 928 AD and is among the oldest Churches in the country. It is a historically renowned pilgrim centre, attracting worshippers from all religions. It also serves as a mother institution to several churches in the vicinity including the Irinjalakuda Cathedral.The Holy Cross Church, Mapranam, is among the very few churches in Kerala established in the name of the Holy Cross. Given its unique place in the history of the SyroMalabar Archi Episcopal Sabha, on the 21st September 1887 it was conferred the recognition of placing the relic of the Holy Cross in the church. The Holy Cross Church has also acquired a part of the Holy Blood of Jesus Christ on the shroud of St Veronica from the Vatican by the order of Pope Leo XIII

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