15 September 2016

Baburao Puleshwar Shedmake 12.3.2009

Baburao Puleshwar Shedmake was born on 12th March, 1833. In 1854 Chandrapur came under British rule. Shedmake was first to raise his voice against British rule. He used Guerilla war tactics against the Britishers. During 1857, when entire India declared war of independence against the British rule, Shedmake consolidated 500 tribal youth from the region and prepared an army and with this army he was able to captureRajghad area. When this information reached Chandrapur, the Deputy Collector, Mr. Krikton sent British army to curb it, but near Nandgaon Bhosari the British army was defeated. Mr. Krikton sent another troop which fought battle at Sanganapur and Bamanpetbut they also lost the battle.

These two victories encouraged Shedmake and he attacked telephone camp at Chinchgudi on 29th April, 1858 in which Telegraph Operators Mr. Hall and Mr. Gartland were killed butMr. Peter managed to escape and reported the incident to Mr. Krikton. Mr.Krikton then used his diplomatic tactics for arresting Shedmake. On one side he asked Captain Shakespearefrom Nagpur to assist him and on the other side he forced Rani Laxmi Bai, Zamindarini ofAheri to help them. His tactics worked and Rani Laxmi Bai conspired against Shedmake which Shedmake was not aware of. On 18th September, 1858 Shedmake was arrested. He was brought to Chanda Central Jail. On 21st October, 1858, Baburao Puleshwar Shedmake was hanged at open ground in Chanda.

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