08 September 2016

200th Birth Bicentenary of Sir Louis Braille 4.1.2009

There was a time, not long ago when most people thought that blind people could never learn to read. People thought that the only way to read was to look at words with your eyes.
Blind persons, correctly addressed as ‘visually impaired‘ or ‘visually challenged‘ use an embossed script for reading and writing. Named after its inventor, Louis Braille, it is known as the Braille script.
Louis Braille, a French man, was born in Coupvray, near Paris, on January 4, 1809. India and the entire world were, thus, celebrating the 200th Birth Anniversary of this great inventor.

The FDC shown has two Rs2.00 coins also enclosed. These were also issued on the 200th Birth Anniversary of  Sir Louis Braille.

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