13 September 2016

125th year celebrations of Postal Life Insurance (PLI) 11.2.2009

To mark the 125th year celebrations of Postal Life Insurance (PLI), a special cover and cancellation will be held here tomorrow. To mark the quasquicentennial celebrations, PLI has taken significant like management of corpus within the frame work of IRDA investment regulations, upgradation of the computer system and management of data base centrally in the national data centre, and professional training to its sales force and granting licence to the sales force in the pattern of IRDA regulations. Department of Posts Secretary IMG Khan will release the special cover. ''Introduced on February 1, 1884 for providing Life Insurance coverage to the Postal Employees, the PLI is extended to all employees of the Central Government, including defence and paramilitary personnel, employees of the state governments, public sector undertakings, autonomous bodies, universities, municipalities, nationalised banks,'' an official statment said. Currently, the number of live policies in PLI exceeds 85 lakh (including the Rural PLI). ''The corpus size is more than Rs 12,500 crore and the total sum assured for all policies (including Rural PLI) comes to more than Rs 31,000 crore,'' the statement said. The fund is healthy and the current rates of bonus are whole life policies -- Rs 90 for every thousand rupees of sum assured; endowment assurance policies--Rs 70 for every thousand rupees of sum assured; and anticipated endowment policies -- Rs 65 for every thousand rupees of sum assured. 

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