16 August 2016

Joachim and Violet Alva 20.11.2008

Joachim Ignatius Sebastian Alva (21 January 1907 – 28 June 1979) was an Indian lawyer, journalist and politician from Mangalore. He was a prominent Christian figure involved in the Indian independence movement.
In 1937, Alva married Violet Hari, a Gujarati Protestant from Ahmedabad and professor of English at St. Xavier's Indian Women's University College. Violet would also go on to become active in national politics.
On 9 August 1943, the first anniversary of Quit India Day,  Joachim and Violet Alva founded FORUM, a weekly news magazine which became known for its championing of the cause of independence.
After Independence, Alva was appointed Sheriff of Bombay in 1949. In 1950, he entered the Provisional Parliament of India. He was elected to the Lok Sabha in 1952, 1957 and 1962 from North Kanara.

Violet Hari Alva (24 April 1908 – 20 November 1969) was an Indian lawyer, politician and Deputy Chairperson of the Rajya Sabha. She was the first woman lawyer to appear before a High Court in India and the first to preside over the Rajya Sabha.

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