27 July 2016

The Daly College 8.12.2007

The history of education in modern India is as full of interesting and inspiring chapters as the history itself. Some of the pioneering educational institutions contributing to the democratic and egalitarian fabric of the society, no less than any other modern educational institution had actually started as exclusive schools for the scions of the princely states of India. Many of these schools came up with the active participation of the British ruling establishment as well as the princely states. Story of the Daly College Indore is one such glimpse into the efforts to impart modern education to the Indian royals.
The Daly College was founded in 1882. However, the story started in 1869 when General Sir Henry Daly was appointed Agent to the Governor General in Central India. Those days, the Indore Residency School which was hitherto running in the building of the East of the Indore Residency Post Office. This in 1867 was to be called the Indore Residency College with Mr. Aberigh-Macay, as the Principal.
Henry Daly retired in 1881, and it was decided to develop the separate classes for the princes into a full-fledged school and name it "The Daly College" with an independent building. For sometime it was called the Indore Residency Rajkumar College and had a separate identity from the Indore Residency College, even though they had one Principal. However, in 1906, the Principal severed his connection with the Indore Residency College.
The first prince to pass the matriculation examination of Indian University wasSardar Madho Rao Kibe of Indore. He was also the first prince from the Daly College to take a university degree (B.A., 1899, M.A., 1904).
In 1956 Mr. R.N. Zutshi became its first Indian Principal.

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