16 July 2016

Centenary of the Maharashtra Police Academy, Nashik 3.11.2007

The Maharashtra police academy (MPA) was started in 1906 at Bhamburde grounds in Pune, which currently is the police headquarters. In 1908, the academy was shifted to its current location (in Nashik).  
 The Maharashtra Police Academy is a pioneer institution which has completed 100 years in 2007. This institution has a reputation of producing tough and efficient officers since its interception in 1906. It has had the legacy of British Police officers and very senior I.P.S. officers as its head, where the officers trained have performed exceedingly well in the field.
Maharashtra Police Academy, (M.P.A.) which was established in 1906 completed a Centenary of its existence in the field of training of Police Officers in 2006. Few institutions in the country can match this unique distinction. Maharashtra Police intends to celebrate the completion of the centenary by organising several programmes in the centenary year. A ceremonial parade was held on the conclusion of the centenary celebrations.

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