17 July 2016

1st Battalion of The Fourth Gorkha Rifles - 150 Years 22.11.2007

The fourth Gorkha Rifles has a 150 year long history of valour, glory and selfless service. Raised as an "Extra Regiment" at Pithoragarh on 6th August 1857 under the Command of Lt. D. Macintyre, it was the last battalion to be raised by the East India Company's rule in India. The transportation from a 'Young Regiment' to seasoned campaigner did not take long as the Regiment proved its mettle during 1st and 2nd Afghan Wars. The Regimental Centre is located at Subathu since 1953. At present, the Regiment has five battalions.

Before independence, only British Officers were posted in the Gorkha Regiments. Brig. Moti Sagar had the honour of becoming the first Indian Colonel of the Regiment after the superannuation of Gen. Lentaigne in 1955.

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